Isra New Video! the boat pickup

here is what we did in holland!

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Our first surf boat!

hi everybody!


on facebook u’ll find the pics from our trip to the netherlands! We went there to pick up our first surf boat! it’s huge and yellow and it’s the ISRA surf boat! nothing better!

you’ll see it surfing on the waves of rome at the end of july and again in netherland the 31st of August for the Eurochamps2013!

Check it out and leave a comment!



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How to..

Hi everybody!

This morning I was wondering that maybe not everyone knows the rules of SurfRowing. So I thought that a cool step by step pic may help you.

This is it! Enjoy it, maybe reply and tell me what you think ’bout it!!


ISRA Team up!!

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Happy New year!

Hi everyone!

We want to wish you all a great new Year full of waves to surf!

I want to update you on what we are doing;

  • We’r buying a boat, maybe two, we need them and we are very close to it!
  • We are getting contacts to take part to the XV Italia Surf Expo ( ), cause we really want to be there!
  • In 2013 everyboby will be able to enroll himself to the association! You’ll be officially one of us!

I hope you like what we are planning!


ISRA team up!

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We got a HUGE idea!

Seriously we got a HUGE idea yesterday!
I cannot explain it right now but it involves this beautiful GoPro and our ability of thinkin up weird and extreme things. We got to prepare to the next season and we got to become a worldwide phenomena!
We’ll be back veeery soon!

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Here we are!

Finally we are here, we are ready to start!

WE are really working hard to find everything we need to create the biggest thing ever seen. We are looking for a boat and we gonna find it asap, we gonna have it painted  in our national colors and we gonna go find some good waves to surf.

Let me introduce the minds behind all this stuff:

From left to right: Elia (the President!), Francesco, Paolo and Filippo


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